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  • Why Propecia is So Popular

    These days there are a great number of hair loss treatments. Nevertheless, among the variety of the medications one product has the leading position. This is Propecia, the drug that is approved by FDA which is intended to male hair loss treatment.

    The question is why this drug has become so popular among a great number of patients.

    The most important thing is the effectiveness of the medication. For many people baldness is a big problem. So a lot of people are ready to pay big money for a product that can help to solve their problems, although it has a number of unpleasant side effects.

    Propecia is a very effective medication for hair regrowth. Thatís why a great number of men who suffer from hair loss choose the treatment with Propecia, although the price is high and it may cause the appearance of such adverse reactions as allergy and sexual disorders.

    According to the clinical researches that were conducted during five years, Propecia was efficient in treatment hair loss in 9 men out of 10. The reduction in hair loss, regrowing of new hair on bald spots and an increase of hair count were observed. Furthermore, the results already were observed after six month of treatment.

    Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone in the scalp that is the main cause of hair loss. Because of its androgenic activity it makes hair follicles to function in a wrong way. Follicles shrink and then close after that stop produce hair. Propecia halts the level of DHT and prevents hair follicles from its adverse effect. This stops hair loss and helps to regrow hair.

    The statistics shows that every 3rd man suffers from hair loss to a certain degree. As Propecia shows a great effectiveness, a great number of balding men choose this medication.

    Propecia makes hair a healthy reality

    If you hate the fact that youíre going bald, and are suffering day to day from it, you may be looking for anyway to cover it over like a wig or hat. Do you reminisce on the good old days when you had a great healthy head of hair, and now it causes you to be down and depressed and you donít want to think about the younger years. Well you can never get back the good days in the past but what you can get back is your hair. If you take the right treatment medication for hair loss disease, then all the troubles and hurdles are no longer in the way and the only thing waiting is regaining that great healthy hair.

    Some of the main causes of hair loss disease are: pollution, hormonal disorder, infection of microbes, deficiency of protein, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The main reason for men to lose their hair is due to hormonal disorder. There are many names for menís hair loss, some are: androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness, and alopecia androgenetica. The residue of a beneficial hormone can be detrimental to hair. Testosterone is a male puberty hormone which is created in reproductive glands also known as testicles. The final stage of the hormone converts to hydro-testosterone (DHT). The residue from testosterone will clog in the hair follicles. The hair follicles will close in size creating no space for the DHT to create new hair.

    If you decide you want strong healthy hair, you need to stop the testosterone from converting into DHT. The medication Propecia from www.rioricopharmacy.com can help this situation, and help your hair to regrow back to its fullest potential. Finasteride is the main ingredient in Propecia. Propecia is a very well-known DHT blocker. Slowing down the process of DHT will provide the best condition for healthy hair to rejuvenate. When DHT is not there, the hair follicles are open and hair can regrow. A hair follicle thatís wide open holds hair tightly. Also a wide open hair follicle will create great chance for nutrients.

    Propecia is a very easy to use medication, it comes in a tablet and you take one a day with a glass of water, and soon your hair baldness will be a thing of the past. In order to obtain Propecia, you must first consult with your doctor and get a prescription. If youíre in great shape and healthy then there should be no problem in getting this medication today. The most common dosage for Propecia is normally 1mg. You can obtain these pills very easily through online pharmacies; they will have them delivered right to your door. If needed a doctor can have the prescription pattern changed according to you and your body and the condition you are in.

    This medication has very slight side effects known. The few side effects that have been know are minor, like: itching, hypersensitive, and decreased libido. Usually if you do notice any side effects they will go away after a few days once your body has come accustom to the treatment cycles.

    For the maximum results from Propecia, you should take the treatment for at least one whole year. You may need to get few prescriptions from your doctor. The repetitive process of going to a pharmacy or drug store and purchasing Propecia can be tiresome, so why waste your time at the stores, order online today for your Propecia healthy hair treatment.